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My cousin Glenna was about one year older than me. I can remember her crying and fussy because her mother was fixing her hair in long curls - hanging down her back. After hearing the fuss, my mother would never let my hair grow long. She plopped me up on her kitchen sink drainboard and cut my hair. I had many hair styles as I grew older, but never long hair. My mother was, I think, the first adult woman in Littleton to have her hair cut short and marcelled. Her female friends were very adamant. My aunts kept their hair long. My dad always praised and liked my mother’s short, marcelled hair. He didn’t have to worry about long hair in his food. Then, years later, I got married and had the hair styles of 3 women. At least they did the thinking and did their own styling.

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 haircuts,marcelled hair,sausage curls
  Littleton, CO
Jun 19 2024


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