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A Lucky Christmas Girl

A story by Eleanor King



My mother liked Christmas and started to enjoy it early in the year. She made many of her gifts. The Christmas tree was bought at least a week before Christmas. Even at an early age I was allowed to help decorate. Because the tree was ready, my mother’s friends were able to have a place to bring gifts for me - most of them did not have children of their own. I was lucky to be able to sit under the tree and count, feel, and smell the packages. What great gifts through the years! I still remember those gifts - books, toys, clothes, and dolls. All the dolls were named for the giver - Mary Patricia, Mary Louise, etc. I was luckier than my two best friends. Ruth’s mother decorated the tree for Christmas morning with the idea that Santa brought the tree and gifts. Mabel had two brothers so she had to share the excitement with boys. I remember one year I found two or three unwrapped gifts on a chair near the tree. It occurred to me that these were gifts my mother was using to help Santa Claus.

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  Littleton, CO
Jun 16 2024


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