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The short answer is a resounding YES! We want you to write your stories honestly and truthfully, to the best of your ability. However, we know that memories can be fuzzy and sometimes can be just plain wrong, even when we believe we remember them very clearly. That is why we want lots of people to tell their stories. With a lot of stories on a given topic, we can formulate a clearer understanding of what really happened.

All stories must be true to the best of the story teller’s ability. Also, stories must meet our criteria for civility as laid out in our Terms Of Use. Please refer to the Writing Tips page for helpful suggestions on writing.

Yes. We limit the stories to 500 words. However, you can always break up your story into sections, posting the sections with chapter headings.

Yes, you can, as long as you make it clear that the story was told to you and that you did not witness the event.

At History Chip we welcome different memories and points of view. These varied perspectives are necessary to developing a fuller understanding of history. Imagine being at a family gathering when someone tells a story from your childhood. Everyone will likely chime in with their own memories, some of which may be contradictory. All those stories together are necessary to get a full picture of that event.

One thing we know at History Chip is that everybody has a story, each of us has a story to tell that might not seem dramatic to you but offers insights into your particular way of life. Descriptions of your job, your school, the foods you eat or the clothes you wear all add to our understanding of life where you live. Let’s say you are a farmer. Stories of life on your farm in Canada may be very different from descriptions of life on a farm in Argentina or Senegal or Mongolia or Spain. These are wonderful stories and are so vital to the mission of History Chip. Please refer to the Writing Tips page for helpful suggestions on writing.

If you can tell a simple story, you can write for History Chip. We know that all of us talk all the time. We tell stories all the time. If you can do that, writing a simple story is no more difficult that simply writing down a story you might tell a friend. We invite you to be comfortable about writing. Just write what you know. We just ask that you make sure you are writing as truthfully as possible. Try to include as much detail as you can remember. Please refer to the Writing Tips page for helpful suggestions on writing.

No, History Chip reserves the right to not post, or to remove stories that are found to have unsuitable content. Once a story is submitted to History Chip, it is reviewed and if accepted, will be posted on the site and the writer will be notified of the posting. Please see the Terms Of Use for additional details.

You may click on the LogIn/Register tab to register. You will be asked to add your Name, email and other profile information, including a username if you prefer not have your name public. Additionally, when you prepare to add a story, you will be prompted to log in to History Chip, or if you have not already done so you will be asked to register.

Yes. Please refer to the Writing Tips page for helpful suggestions on writing.

That is OK. Write down what you remember. Your memories might spark others to write their own memories of the event and together those combined stories will help to clarify our understanding of history.

No, we do not. These are your memories and we are looking to aggregate historical memories and tidbits, not alter your perceptions or memories.

Yes, absolutely! Please attribute them to the writer and the time the story was written.

At History Chip we welcome varying accounts of stories. We believe these differing versions help to ensure that our history is accurate. Different versions of a story augment the narrative.

We are in the process of implementing this functionality. Please keep checking in as we continue to enhance the site.

History Chip’s mission is to strengthen the truth of history. Stories that undermine that effort, stories that seek to advance an untruthful narrative will be rejected from the site. Please see our Terms Of Use for further information.

Yes, story tellers must register with the site in order add a story. Registering with the site allows History Chip to protect the integrity of the site. We believe this will encourage sincere and committed users on the site. Additionally, we will reach out to the story teller to confirm posting of their story. Registering also allows us to reach out with news about History Chip and our expanding offerings.

Please note the contact us link under Resource both at the top of the page and the bottom.

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