We salute the Latin Community by welcoming your stories. This is your open mic to tell the world about your culture.

About History Chip

History is created one micro story at a time until it forms a complete mosaic of the complexity and depth of our larger story. Many stories help fill out the truth of our history. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle that requires all the pieces to present the entire picture. Every puzzle piece is a “chip” of our history.

The history of the rich and powerful, the 1%, has its place, but only if it sits alongside the rest of the world’s history. History Chip began in 2009 as an effort to include the stories of the 99% previously left of out of history.

We want your stories included in history because:

  • Multiple stories present the truth more accurately than only one person’s perspective or recollection.
  • Without the stories of people of color, women, people in developing countries, and others not usually included in historical documents, history just can’t be true, complete, or accurate.
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More stories create more opportunities to flesh out the truth.

We want History Chip to redefine how we tell our history by honoring everyone’s voice and everyone’s existence.
People from every race and orientation, every income level, every industry, and every way of life. We need to hear your first hand stories of your day-to-day life about bravery, humility, survival, tribulations, inequality and acceptance.


History Chip provides a platform for storytellers and readers that expands our understanding of everyday experiences from all over the world.


History Chip revolutionizes the way we view history. By including stories from all of us, History Chip provides a more complete picture of global history.