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Who is History Chip For?

You the story tellers - those who want to share true stories offering fresh perspectives of life as they experience it.

You the readers - those who want to expand their view of history and read stories from many different perspectives which flesh out the truth about events, times, and places.

You the researchers - with stories around the world that could take weeks and months to track down in person, History Chip will open up vast troves of details and insights into life on this planet.

You the historians - with stories of so many parts of society previously excluded from history, History Chip expands the historical information available for research.

You the students - students can do original global research about places, lifestyles, people and events, without leaving home.

You the teachers - create lesson plans based on original documents.

You the institutions - History Chip is building an umbrella network for small and large historical organizations and collections to share oral histories and other collections as a one stop access to global historical data.

You the curious - History Chip is chock full of interesting stories to tantalize a curious mind.

History Chip is for everyone - workers, immigrants, farmers, mothers, fathers, young, old, every color, rich and poor.

When you share your story, you invite the world to take a walk in your shoes, to see the world through your eyes.