Littleton, Colorado, High School Class Of 1936

A story by Eleanor King

The graduation of 22 students was held in the high school auditorium in the evening so the parents could attend. Most fathers worked. We sat on folding chairs on the stage. We wore our best clothes – no caps and gowns. My mother made my new dress. The Depression was just about over. The stage was decorated with snowball and lilac blossoms. The high school orchestra played a selection or two. The superintendent said a prayer and made a speech. The high school principal passed out the diplomas. There were no refreshments. Before the graduation one of the teachers – a new one – offered me a 2 year scholarship to Denver University. The school did not give scholarships during the Depression. Until then I had no idea I would graduate from a university – and wear a cap and gown.

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  Littleton, CO
Jan 01 1970


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