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Does Your Gender Matter?

A story by Connie Westreich



When I was growing up women and girls appeared to take a back seat in the political and work world. Woman’s place was in the home! My mother was a highly talented dress designer, but my father did not let her join the work force. The man was supposed to be the bread-winner for the family, and it would not look good if my mother went to work. My mother devoted a lot of time to her family and community and school activities. The competition between the sexes was not so visible. Women were receiving more respect! Men gave them seats on public transportation and tipped their hats to the fairer sex. However, as time went by, women started to leave their place in the home and enter the work force. They began to work side by side with men, and women wanted to hold jobs that were previously considered only for the male sex – pilots, policemen, mechanics, soldiers, etc. Now, women are allowed to engage in combat. It appears that Unisex is the present goal. Besides our sexual differences, men and women want to be considered the same!

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