When I was growing up I did not go out on one on one individual dates until I was 16 years old. Before that I went to group parties and trips – with boys and girls. They were lots of fun – laughing, dancing and talking to lots of people. There was a community center in the neighborhood and they sponsored a lot of these gatherings. I always went with a group of friends and returned home with a group of friends. It was fun! My first date was my High-School Prom. There was one particular boy, Paul, who had an affinity for red heads. He started asking me for a date in my senior year in High-School. At first, I didn’t accept, but finally agreed to go to my Senior Prom with him. My parents had already met him at previous gatherings and were okay with him taking me out! We were joining a few other couples and looking forward to a great evening! It turned out to be a wonderful evening….

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 community center,high school,prom,red-heads
  Queens, NY
Feb 23 2024


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