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The rhythm and the style of the big band music always fascinated me. I used to like to dance to it – it always sounded so smooth and danceable! The dance music today is much different. The couples seem to be jumping all over the dance floor and they don’t seem connected. It almost seems like they’re throwing each other around. Sometimes it seems to be an acrobatic endeavor. I was married in 1950 – the Big Band Era. My husband and I used to like to go out dancing. We frequented the Glen Island Casino very often. We both enjoyed gliding on the dance floor to Glen Miller’s big band music. Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can visualize myself dancing and humming the music at the same time. Glen Miller kept looking for a kind of music that would endure, even after a particular band leader passed on. He enlarged his band until he succeeded. His music has kept its’ popularity for a long time.

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 Big Band,dancing,Glen Miller
  Glen Island Casino
Jun 24 2024


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