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How Did We Make It to Adulthood?! Story Banner
How Did We Make It to Adulthood?!

It was 1962, and I was 10 years old. My mother, father, brother and I were on our annual summer trip . . .

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Lessons in Mortality Story Banner
Lessons in Mortality

Thirty years ago, when I was around 40, I picked up a winter bug that had me on my back, seemingly w . . .

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My Colonoscopy Story Banner
My Colonoscopy

Today I had a colonoscopy—at 70, my first. Many of my friends have undergone this “probing” pr . . .

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A Dog of a Tale

It was 1966. My older brother SO wanted a dog! He had been researching breeds, planning how he’d t . . .

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Finding the Elements of My Style

It was the first class on the first day of my freshman year at Hamilton College. The year was 1971. . . .

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