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Every story on History Chip adds essential details to history.
We welcome the power of your stories to transform our understanding of the world.


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1960s : Did you live through the sixties? What did that era mean to you? Was it fun, frightening, exhilarating, transformational? Do you have a strong memory from that decade? Were you drafted? Were you involved in the anti-war or racial justice movements?
Technical Sports.
Technical Sports. : Do you participate in technical sports like sky diving, cave diving, free climbing? What sorts of precautions do you take? Please explain what about this sport inspires you to take the risks of technical climbing.
College. : Did you attend college or university? What did you study? What are your strongest memories of college? Were you the first in your family to attend college? What was most important about your college experience? Do you have significant college debt?
Money: Describe your relationship to money. Do you use credit cards? Do you borrow money for cars or a home mortgage? Is this influenced by where you live, by your culture?
Sports: Are you a sports fan and if so, which sport? Do you follow a particular team? Describe the role sports play in your life? Do you love the Olympics? Do you travel to see your favorite teams play?
Play: Do you remember playing in a playground as a child, if so, what did you enjoy most about the playground? What other places did you play, what were they like? What was your favorite place to play and what was your favorite play activity? As an adult, do you find time for play — for innocent running, games, laughter, creativity, make believe?
writing tips quick easy

Quick and Easy Story Writing Guide

especially for those of us who think we can’t write a story!

So, you want to add a story to History Chip!
That’s great!

The point is to tell your story as you remember it.

Easy peasy, no stress, no worries.

Like singing in the shower.

writing tips quick easy

Now, just take a minute or two to remember the details of the story you want to write.

Consider the basics which should refresh your memory enough to just sit down and write what you remember.

Who are the people in your story?
Just you, friends, family, strangers?
When did it happen?
What time of day?
Where did it happen? New York, London, Mogadishu?

What are the details?
What happened? A trip somewhere? A hurricane? What are the important details? 
Why is this important to you?
Why do you want to share this story?
How did it look?How did it feel? Cold, hot, crowded, dangerous, safe, cozy?


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Sample Story to Help You Write

WHO: I was 28.

WHERE:  I worked in the City and lived in an apartment building on a high floor.

WHEN:  It was the middle of March in 2020.

WHAT:  Suddenly COVID was everywhere and the City was mostly shut down. I couldn’t go to work, I didn’t want to get in the elevator in my apartment building because we were warned to keep 6 feet away from other people. So, I decided to move to the country to my mother’s house. I had to find new ways to do so many things. We ordered groceries online. I had to find new ways to make a living. Because we were in the country we could take long walks outside which made life much more tolerable during ‘lock down’. My sister had stayed in the city with her elderly grand mother who was in danger from COVID because of her age. They did not leave their apartment for nearly 3 months.

WHY:  Life was turned upside down. Restaurants were closed, kids couldn’t go to school, masks were required everywhere and we were afraid of being close to anyone.

HOW:  The streets were quiet, the shops and restaurants were closed. People put hearts outside of their houses and in some places people would ring bells or bang on pots at the same time every day to say thank you to healthcare workers and those people who worked in ‘front line’ places like grocery stores and pharmacies. When some businesses began to open, plastic barriers were placed to protect customers from workers, marks were on the floor to direct traffic to keep people from being close to each other, masks were required and air purifiers were everywhere. In the early Spring of 2021, vaccines began to be available and things began to open up a little bit. It was hard to believe that we were experiencing this strange new way of life and could never have imagined that it could last as long as it did. Nearly 3 years later, COVID is still a worry.