Mrs. King brought her six year old son to join my 1st grade in Littleton, Colorado. He was an acquaintance and friend all through high school and college. Then he had a scholarship (2 year) as a teacher and student at MIT in Boston. I was planning to teach for two years in a school in Manzanola, Colorado. Before the first year was over, Mrs. King came all the way to Manzanola to ask me if I would marry Bob King - that he was not going back to MIT if we didn’t marry. So there I was - yes or no. A decision to make. So we got married. We lived in Boston - I did not teach. But I liked Boston! When our first child was due, we asked Mrs. King to help us. She stayed 2 weeks. When our second child was born, she stayed a month. When the third child was due she came again. When Mr. King drove from Denver to take her home - Mrs. King was just stepping into the car - she turned around and said, I am not going. I’m staying! We all just gasped. Mr. King had to drive to Denver by himself. Mrs. King (Nannie) lived with us the rest of her life. She was the best friend I could have and the best grandmother the children could have. If any decisions were to be made, Nannie stuck with me!!

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  Littleton, CO


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