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A story by Eleanor King



Who Was Renée Adorée? Renée Adorée. Who ever heard of Renée Adorée?? I was Renée Adorée in our Movie Star Club! When eight of my friends and I were 9 years old, we decided to form a club. We all chose a star’s name – Billie Dove, Anita Page, Mary Pickford, etc. I must have had the last choice – to be Renée Adorée. We dressed in fancy clothes and very high heels. I was lucky – I had a college friend who gave me high heels that fit me. I don’t remember what our meetings were. I know we had refreshments. Then we went outside, kicked off our shoes and played games. As the years passed we became a bridge club. Some of the women still meet. After I moved to Pomperaug Woods I happened across an old movie – and there was Renée Adorée!

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