Smells that Evoke Memories

A story by Elsie Johnson

As we approached our house for lunch — we could smell the aroma of fresh baked bread and cinnamon rolls!! Mom had baked again — what a lovely smell!! We would immediately start eating those delicious rolls with butter. You can’t just eat bread — you need a balanced diet! our mother announced! Her words were lost — how could anyone not just eat bread when it smelled so wonderful? I know this is my favorite smell!!! We didn’t have a dryer so all laundry was done in the basement then brought upstairs and outdoors to the old fashioned clothes line with wooden pins. After several hours of breezy, sunny hours, the laundry was ready to be brought in to be ironed. I loved binging in the fragrant wonderful smell of the laundry as we removed it from the ‘line’. It smelled so fresh and clean. However, my mother had to iron all laundry — this removing the wonderful aroma of the outdoors.When I was making money - $0.35 an evening. saved my money to buy Evening in Paris — I thought it was a wonderful perfume. When I had a date — I could bring out my Evening In Paris bottle and probably used too much of it. However, I thought I smelled so wonderful no date could resist me!!! We had a corner of the Cape Cod House where a big lilac bush was planted. I loved to use that room to read as the breeze came in from outside bringing in the lovely lilac odor! What a lovely smell!!

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  Perry, Iowa
Feb 26 2024


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