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How “The War” Affected Our Family

A story by Elsie Johnson



There were always two brass shells from World War I that decorated our dining room buffet. These were brought from France by my father as a souvenir from my father’s service in World War I. I went into nurses training hoping to join the Navy on completion. I still remember spending a day with friends in Chicago when we heard the announcement of the attack on Pearl Harbor. We couldn’t believe it!! Another memorable day was the day I graduated from nurses training on V.J. Day! My sister Ruth, joined the Waves while I was in Nurses Training. She was inducted in New York City — then sent to Seattle, Washington, where she spent her service time. However she met and married another sailor which turned out to be a disaster. My younger sister, Lorraine, left our small Iowa town and went to Washington, D.C., where she worked for the F.B.I. for three years. My only brother, the youngest of us, was too young for any service time during the war but did enlist at Korean War time. My father was very proud of all his children serving our country and let people know!!! I married Harry Johnson in 1944. He was a Navy Pilot — again pleasing my father by being a part of the Service!

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