What do you see out of your window today?

Christmas Reflections

A story by Elsie Johnson



My Children’s Days Everyone had to be up and wait on the staircase before we could see what Santa left! Xmas Tree sing at the bottom of our street – invited all friends in for hot chocolate after the sing. Surprise visits from children home from college. Christmas dinner – Red and Green Menu. Roast beef – baked potatoes wrapped in colorful foil – beets – creamed spinach wreath – tomato aspic salad molds like a star. Angel food cake decorated with candles and we lighted them to sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus. My Childhood Days Santa showing his face as he rapped on our window a week before Xmas. My mother saying, See he’s watching you – you’d better be good! Peaking through the register and observing my mother making doll clothes. I could hardly wait to tell my sister, there is not Santa. An artificial tree with real candles waiting to be lighted Christmas eve – fortunately no fire occurred! Best Xmas I received – Electric Wood Burning Set Worst Xmas I received – Music Stand

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 college,red and green,Santa,singing,staircase
  Perry Iowa, Pleasantville, NY
Jun 24 1950


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