Earth Day is approaching, April 22. We are asking for your stories about what you love about nature and this earth we all share.

Test - Soniya

A story by Soniya



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Testing with the short stories with kids

When trying to impart an important moral lesson to kids, short stories are often the go-to for most parents. It not only tickles their imagination, but it also teaches them about life.

Short stories have a way of teaching lessons that makes them more relatable and exciting. Rather than telling your kid not to lie, relating a short story helps them understand what happens when they lie. It helps them become more aware of their actions and their consequences. The moral lessons from these stories also help shape their character and moral compass as they grow old.

Here are 10 short stories with moral lessons that your kids (and even some adults) will learn a thing or two from:

1. The Hare and the Tortoise