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Reflection on Women History Month

A story by Prati Kaufman



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March is celebrated as Women's History Month, a time to reflect on the narratives that have shaped the female experience across generations. Interestingly, of the seven books I've recently read, three prominently feature women at their core.

The Color of Water", A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother, is the story of a Jewish woman born in 1921 who raised 12 mixed-race children during a time when lynching was still prevalent.

"Lessons in Chemistry" follows the journey of a female scientist in the 1960s, fighting to get recognition in a field dominated by men. The twist in the story is that a brilliant Nobel Prize-winning scientist falls in love with her for her mind.

"The Woman They Could Not Silence" recounts the harrowing tale of a woman committed to an asylum by her husband for her intelligence. Her fight for women's rights and mental health reform through her words is so powerful!

So many before us have fought for the privileges we have today. In each story, there were only two things women wanted: 

Unconditional support

Freedom of choices.

Despite the progress made, women continue to face judgment on various fronts. 

We are judged for being too sexy and for being too plain, for being a career woman and for being a housewife, for dating someone significantly older or younger.

Young girls are told to dress and behave a certain way. It bloody boils my blood.

But we have the power to change the narrative collectively. 

Imagine a world where we, as women, are free from judgment—a world where we can make choices boldly and unapologetically.

What if we raised our sons to appreciate and support the choices of women and girls without prejudice?

The journey towards equality and mutual respect is ongoing. We have indeed come a long way, but the privileges we have today shouldn't be taken for granted. 

It is on us to carry the torch further for generations to come.

Let us commit to supporting each other without judgment and to educating both our sons and daughters on the importance of respecting everyone's choices. 

Not just for Women's History Month but for a lifetime of change and progress.

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