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Pitkin Glass Works

A story by JTedford



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Photo Credit: J Tedford

Pitkin Glass Works

I didn’t know what it was. I would refer to it as the Stone Henge of Manchester.

I used to walk or drive by and never noticed anyone in there; it was fenced in for as long as I can remember.

Then one day, I was invited to attend an adult dig!

I thought it was really cool that there was an archeological dig in our town! Normally I think of archeology in terms of Indiana Jones or the desert of Egypt. But, little did I know that UCONN has been cooperating with the Pitkin Glass Works Council since it began in 1977.

The gentleman who administered the dig I attended, was from the office of State Archeology ( This office is excavating and preserving the history of the numerous native American and colonial sites across CT. Pitkin Glass Works is a Historical Colonial Site.

The site is very peaceful. The State archeologist had set up a grid. He taught us how to carefully excavate a 1 meter quadrant. Then he bagged and catalogued what we unearthed. He will input these artifacts into the CT Database and return the original artifacts to Manchester.

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