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My Last Day With Rock

A story by Grace D.



Story Tellers In Middle School I remember wanting to run and hiding as my mom told my sister and I the dreadful news. I couldn't believe it. Out of all of the days I've had with my beloved dog this was the last. 
We had taken my 16 year old dog, Rock to the vet because he would not eat, and when he did he’d throw it up. My mom told my sister and I to stay out of the exam room. My sister, Maddie went into the exam room for about 5 seconds then came right out. When she came out oh no was written all over her face. She immediately told me, I think we are going to have to put Rock down. Mom AND DAD looked like they were crying, and dad never cries. I knew right then that that was the truth. Sadness and worry rushed through my blood faster than a cheetah and my heart dropped. No, I'm sure they were crying out of relief. I knew what I had just said was a lie but I said that to give Maddie a little hope. 
About 10 minutes later we were welcomed back into the exam room. I did not want to go because I knew that I would be told awful news but I went anyway.
Holding back tears my mom mumbled, Okay girls, so, um, we are going to have to put Rock to sleep tomorrow. Maddie automatically burst into tears. I, on the other hand, stayed as quiet as I could, but on occasion a tear escaped from out of my eye onto my lap, but on the inside, I was crying an ocean. 
We got to take him home and have one more night with him, then put him to sleep the next day. 
When we got home that day we played with him, we gave him bacon and eggs, and the whole day my mom was saying, Don’t cry he knows you're sad. 
At bedtime we made a pallet to sleep on in the living room. My mom slept on the couch and Maddie and I slept on the floor with Rock in between us. Right as I was going to sleep my sister says, I don’t want Rock to go. 
I don’t either, my mom replied But he is going to a better place. 
The next day my grandparents came to town from Houston while my parents were at the vet laying Rock down. When my parents walked through the door without our dog we all rushed to them and gave a big group hug. 
Furthermore, now that this is all over and I have gotten over all of the terrible sorrow, I do miss my dog so very much but, I know he is in a much better place feeling better than ever. As my mom says, Cry because it is over, but smile at the memories.

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Jun 18 2024


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