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When My Cat Dies

A story by Brody Flannery



Storytellers in Middle School Class 
Brody come quick! To the Garage. Hang on mom I can’t hear you Ok! What! Mom Cherder is dying. No!!! I said. I was crying for hours. What happened to him? He got bitten by a rattlesnake! It was so weird and there was red bite marks. I heard cat cries. I smelled blood. I thought my cat was going to die from it. I was crying like a hurt cat. You are not going to school ok you are going to the hospital, ok? I am so mad at my best friend. I am going to cry for so long he would play with me so much since I was 3. 
And he would hurt me but I did not care about that. My buddy will always be my friend forever. After that day I was asking, is Cherder going to live from the bite? No, he died in the car on the way there. No no no I can’t live like this. I ran and cried I felt terrible.

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 bite,cat,friendship,hospital,Marisa DeWolf,rattlesnake
  Cedar Park, TX
Jun 18 2024


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