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Our walks in the park

A story by Aimee Whitley-George



What I find amazing is a love that gives me Valentine's Day every day. I round a corner or walk in the door and I'm filled with such warmth, even on the coldest of days. Our days together are something I never dreamed possible, and came to both of us so unexpectedly with a surprise of great joy….. after finally allowing US to be, in spite of so many with huge reservations. What we all must do at some point, he and I did together. Enjoying growing together slowly, gently with only the huge expectation of no intentional pain. Treading lightly on one another's soul, allowed everyday to be better than the last and do it knowing that no matter what, we had found a wonderful friend for life. So many similar experiences, hard ones, that gave us a common thread to weave into our next life. This said, it was also done with independence along with consideration of the others, who are active in our lives and those who are not. Finding this path has taken work, hard work; talking every day and for many others has not been so easy. The thought of not having this man in my life called for a determined effort to try to find a balance for all involved. Is it perfect? For us, practically a walk in the park everyday. For others it is still such a challenge. We don't expect perfection, just the willingness to communicate and do it better. Today we have that and our tomorrows will unfold. Our own sweet fairy tale amazes me everyday that it is ours to live and enjoy. To me, his sweetness is everywhere. I love his soft sleepy eyes and his sleepy bear mornings as much as sinking into his warm arms that wrap me up after a long day. The smiles, oh the smiles in his eyes as well as his lips are more than most get in a lifetime. I cannot imagine life without us. The small, subtle ways every single day that others may never see is our wonderful life. Dancing abstractly to all kinds of music and done with such completeness, starts the daydream at the very thought. He cannot imagine why I love dancing with him and I wonder how I would not. Our days are made of what I hope for all our children, friends and, yes, even those who may not like us very much. The sweet loving acceptance, laughing together all the while at our odd ways and embracing them along with all those that fit just right. Practically Perfect is what he often says, and about US, I agree.

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  Cedar Park, TX
Jun 18 2024


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