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We’re supposed to write about ourselves – right? So – recently I was trying to decide on a topic while I was reading one of those discover yourself magazines. I came across this sentence What are you most proud of ? well --- that got me thinking. Surely I’m proud of something ------------ of course I’m enormously proud of my children and of any input I might have provided but let’s face it --- what important thing have I done? ---I never wrote a book – or painted a work of art   I never ran a marathon or climbed an alp---I was not a famous CEO --- in fact I could go on for pages about what I didn’t do –but so could we all. I’m not trying to belittle myself and I think I have a reasonable amount of self-confidence – but what have I done that I am most proud of?? This subject has taken much thought—in fact I almost gave up but that felt like quitting. This was a challenge – so I pursued it. First, I determined that the word proud was a stumbling block. It had definite negative overtones – like conceit, self-righteousness etc. maybe pleased was better. Looking back I can say I am pleased with all the volunteer work I was able to do --- in the hospital, in the community, in our church [where I sang in the choir for 56 years] and primarily in our home where I cared for my family in many ways for many years. Of course I made mistakes but hope I have learned from them and put them behind me.----I am far more content now at 91 than I was at 40 and also more grateful. They say that pride goeth before a fall. I’m not positive just what that means but in any event – I am still standing.

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 challenge,life,pride,quitting,retrospect,self confidence,self doubt
  Southbury, CT
May 19 2024


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