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Let's fill the gaps in History

Jan 19 2021

Let's fill the gaps in History

Every human life is worthy of the artist’s notice.  -- Geoffrey Chaucer

It has always been the mission of history to present the truth of what really happened but that has not been the reality. Too much of humanity has been omitted from history to consider history as being an accurate and complete picture of our past. Where is the history of the middle class, the poor, women, people in developing countries, indigenous people or people of color? Where is the history of the mass of humanity that goes to work, takes care of their kids, pays their bills? How can a history that leaves out such huge portions of our story be accurate? History can’t be complete without ALL of our stories. History can’t be complete if it doesn’t tell the whole story; if it doesn’t tell YOUR story. 

That history is missing parts of humanity isn’t a new revelation. Geoffrey Chaucer, way back in the 14th Century wrote that, “All human activity lies within the artist’s [story teller’s] scope.” and further that, “Every human life is worthy of the artist’s [story teller’s] notice”. And here we are early in 2021 quoting a writer from the 14th century to demonstrate that this desire to add all human voices to history has existed for centuries. We just haven’t had the technology to fulfill that desire. Jumping a full 600 years since Chaucer wrote those tender words of the value of each human life, we have come to this moment in time and technology when each precious human story can be part of our historical reality. History Chip is stepping into that void. We invite you to share YOUR stories as worthy and fundamental details of a full and truthful history.

We have built History Chip to change the way history is told. We have built History Chip to include all those stories and all those people who have not previously been part of history. We have built History Chip to form a more complete and perfect history.

We heartily welcome you to History Chip and invite you to visit History Chip again and again. And, we invite you to add YOUR stories, because YOUR stories make history!