Don’t worry, History Chip is not your dry crusty old middle school history

Feb 17 2021

Don’t worry, History Chip is not your dry crusty old middle school history

Welcome to History Chip! We are thrilled that you have stopped in and taken the time out of your day to check us out! We are especially pleased if you are a first time visitor!

And, as we are launching this revised, shiny new version of History Chip, we are aware that timing is everything. Now, more than any other time, the voices of so many are eager to be heard and are so important to making sense of our time and to understanding each other. Your stories all have a platform at History Chip. Your stories about your unique experiences of daily life all have a platform at History Chip. And, your stories about COVID-19, race relations, climate change, or economic disruptions and the differences between the rich and poor are crucial to telling the story of this pivotal year time. Our grandchildren will want to know what life was like in the time of COVID and your stories will shape that history. 

By offering a platform for everyone’s stories, we aim to take heed from John Lewis and make some good trouble. We seek to shake up the history of our world by including the voices of all sorts of people whose stories have not been a part of our history. Never before in human history have so many literally held in the palm of their hand the vehicle for adding their voice, their story, to the history of our world. And, it is in this time that we are presenting our new platform, welcoming all the voices, all the stories, all the people from every country, from every station and every way of life to make history. 

But, our mission is YOU and YOUR words. Your words, your stories, are what is going to make this project work. Your voice and your story are precious and integral to a full understanding of our world. Imagine a forest in summer with no leaves on the trees. Your stories are as vital to history as those leaves are to that summer forest. And, your stories are as varied as those leaves on the trees. Your stories will populate this site with vital, distinct pieces of history, bits of historical details that aren’t in any history book. Your stories inform us about school, clothing, pets, COVID-19, immigration, life in war and life in peace. Your stories flesh out history - like filling in the forest with all those varied and distinct and gorgeous leaves. Your voices, your stories fill in the history. Love your stories. Your stories are history.

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