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House Cleaning

A story by Elsie Johnson



The only time my mother had household help was spring cleaning time. What a trauma! Everything was removed from the house - you would think we were moving. The curtain’s came down and were washed - starched and placed on stretchers - windows washed inside and out - the furniture was cleaned and polished - the wallpaper was cleaned with a pink sponge-like pad (we had coal to heat and it produced a dirty film). Rugs were placed on the clothes line and beaten - pictures and mirrors cleaned - closets emptied and reorganized. It was a wild three days with only soup for dinner. The woman who helped mom clean was there for the three days - all day. I think she was paid $5.00 for the three days.

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 coal grime,household,rug beater,spring
  Perry, Iowa
Jun 24 1930


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