5 min Meditation Challenge

A story by Prati Kaufman

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Eight of us took on a 30-day, 5-minute daily meditation challenge out of 20 team members.

2, only two (@apurva and me) lasted 30 days.

Mind comes up with such persuasive excuses against not having a mere 5 min that most of us give up.

Why taking 5 minutes to sit in quiet is so hard? Most people can't practice 2 min of meditation daily, let alone 5.

It is because the mind hates to be controlled. It wants to control us. Be in charge.

The Indian mystic Osho was really onto something when he described the human mind as a beautiful servant but a dangerous master.

And meditation will weaken the control of the mind. It hates that and will make sure that you don't last.

Don't let mind master you. In 2024 if you do nothing but commit to daily meditation, you are winning.

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