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Music - Music - Music

A story by Elsie Johnson



Music has always been a big part of my life - from learning nursery rhymes through the wonderful years of the 40s! Music and dancing was a wonderful combination. I took tap and toe dancing and even enjoyed the recitals when we wore wonderful costumes. In high school we even had after-school lessons when I learned the jitterbug and Lambeth Walk. Music of the era was played by record - loudly! My best experience with music was when Glenn Miller was scheduled to play at the Val Air Ballroom - a wonderful dance hall in Des Moines. Our group planned to attend. We drove 40 miles to Des Moines in a Model A Ford. What a memorable time! The music was wonderful. Tuxedo Junction, Moonlight Sonata, Chattanooga Choo Choo, etc. We danced and listened to the wonderful music and we stood and swayed near the bandstand. What a wonderful evening! I was also lucky enough to receive an autograph of Glenn Miller. What a treasure!!! I kept it for years but somehow it got lost. However, I’ll always have those wonderful memories of special music!!!

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 bandstand,dance lessons,Glenn Miller,jitterbug,Lambeth Walk,records,Val Air Ballroom
  Perry, Iowa
May 20 2024


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