Getting ready to embark on a new journey

A story by AZ

Exactly 2 years ago, a naive shy girl starting over her life was something she thought was the hardest thing that could have happened. 

That naive girl yet so bold inside not knowing she's the strongest of all. 

That naive girl, who thought starting over was something that shouldn't have happened. 

But who knows, only few people get to start over. I'm glad I was one of them.

From making friends on the first day of college to ending college with a family of friends or let's say family of people who knew each other for 2 years. 

Some become closest best friends, and some become temporary friends. 

Is it really coming to an end? 

Waking up every day to meet your friends, hanging out in gap lectures, ranting about how long the gaps are between, from ordering sweet creme ice cream, to Dunkin donuts to food panda deliveries. From being so comfortable with seniors and juniors. Attending welcome dinner to farewell enjoying giving CIE'S (yes that's me, I'm a nerd 🤓) to actually getting your results to carry to university in about a month from now. I guess it is really coming to an end. 

But hey, that's what life isn't it? You grow up, meet new people, socialize, and make new friends and meet new opportunities. Us humans are constantly in a state of moving forward. 

Happier to say, I'm graduating with a new confident girl who is bold enough to be herself and brave enough to stand out in a noisy world, and determined enough to achieve her goals, and consistent enough to never give up. Who is this new girl? 

Is it maturity, or side effect of exposure and experience or maybe all 3 three reasons?

To heartbroken to breakdowns to standing up all over again is still ongoing process but this girl is going places. Stepping into the future with confidence. 

Here's to going to new place to university, excited.

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