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This Little Girl is Me!

A story by Latoya Watson



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This little girl became a mom at 16 years old. She went from being known as the quiet and smart teen to the teen mom. She walked around for several years with a tremendous amount of guilt and shame on her shoulders. Mainly for letting her hard-working Jamaican parents down and for feeling like an outcast.

At 17 years old, she graduated from Windsor High School but struggled to feel proud because the shame and guilt continued to weigh her down.

When it was time to apply for colleges…this little girl was fearful about applying to UCONN because she didn’t think she was good enough and feared rejection. She pushed herself, took a leap of faith and was accepted. This little girl persevered and earned a Bachelor of Science and moved quickly into the Master of Social Work program.

She worked very hard to earn high grades while juggling motherhood, an internship and an entry-level position. Within two and a half years, she graduated with a MSW from UCONN.

She is now a licensed therapist, entrepreneur, expert speaker, coach, adjunct professor for her alma mater and the owner of Evolve Behavioral Health. For the last 7 years, she has provided individual and family therapy to the Greater Hartford area. During the pandemic, she expanded to offering wellness workshops for organizations to prevent employee burnout and increase productivity. She also finds joy in coaching women how to heal their wounded little girl. (BTW: Her son is currently a 2nd year college student at SCSU.)

This little girl is thankful to God, her loved ones and friends who have helped her become who she is today.

To my young and timid little girl, I would tell her...

Hold on to your faith and keep believing in your dreams!

Stand tall and don’t shrink back. You are enough and your degrees don’t determine your worth.

Show yourself more grace & compassion because you’re doing better than you think!

Reminder to all the little girls out there....nothing is impossible, aim for progress not perfection, don't be hard on yourself when you make mistakes, forgive yourself quickly and keep going even when times get tough because things will get better!

This is such important work to continue to inspire girls throughout the world!

Join in on this powerful campaign #thislittlegirlisme initiated by Inspiring Girls International.

We all have a story and we need to hear yours so we can continue to spread light and love in dark places.

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