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Almost a year later

A story by Maroun Mezher



It's been almost a year since the tragic port of Beirut explosion, an explosion that ruined a lot of things from countless of innocent lives to the already tanking economy of Lebanon.  

I still remember when it happened. While yes, it is true that I was in the US on that day, I did feel the shock and terror that my fellow countrymen experienced. I still remember the fear that I had every time I called a loved one and them taking too long to answer, fearing the worst. I still remember watching the countless ambulances, fire trucks, volunteers and survivors rushing to the port to help anyone left on Facebook livestream. Needless to say that the look of the explosion and its aftermath looked like they belonged to a Michael Bay movie and not to my beloved Lebanon.

Now that the 1 year anniversary is almost here, we still have yet to see any change. The same rulers are still in place, nobody has been accused or took responsibility for the tragedy, the "5 days till the investigation ends and the reports are made public" is shaping to look like 5 eternities and the country is only getting worse economically with its main port still destroyed with no plans to rebuild it whatsoever. And even though one might say that I don't have any direct business in it given that I live in the US now, I must say that even though that's the case a lot of the people that I care about and my loved ones still live in Lebanon and I can't not feel for them and think about them daily and yes all I can do is keep them in my prayers and help them financially whenever I can.

I am writing this in the faint hope that someday, something might change for the better and that hopefully we will get accountability for whoever destroyed our country and future.

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 Beirut Port explosion
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