What do you see out of your window today?

Things Are Not Like They Used To Be!

A story by Elsie Johnson



Margarine in plastic container with a yellow pill which when worked, made it look like Butter. Nylons or Silk Stockings that always had a seam up the back which we tried to keep straight Indian Head Pennies – now a real collector item! Mail delivery 2 and 3 times a day! Milk delivery in a.m. on front porch – sometimes the cream would rise above the neck of the bottle 3 inches! Most retail stores were not open on Sunday. Birth of new baby – was in hospital 9 days! Hot water bottle for a warm bed – now electric blanket. Emptying the pan under the icebox – now we have our refrigerator! Putting up the sign for the ice man to deliver chunks of ice in various sizes! No more signs. Buying gasoline for your car included washing the window, checking the oil – no more!!! Gas was 20¢ a gallon – now!!!! +++ Baby-sitting for 35¢ an evening – 6p.m. to midnight – now it’s $5.00 an hour! Garter belts and corsets worn to keep stockings up – now panty hose. Everyone had several slips to wear underneath their dresses! Now girls buy fancy slips to wear as a dress! Making ice cream in an ice cream maker by mixing the ingredients, place in revolving ice box and turning until you couldn’t turn the paddles anymore! Dancing to Jukebox music in local restaurants. Reading books for pleasure – then came the radio and you didn’t have to read anymore – then came TV and you didn’t have to use your imagination!

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 corsets,garter belts,ice man,jukebox,margarine pill,stocking seams
  United States
Jun 16 1940


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