Story Tellers In Middle School Have you experienced seeing a puppy die slowly due to a brain problem? 
My First Pet Was a chihuahua and it was crying every day for help
It all started when my family and I went on a trip to California. 
My cousins gave us a puppy it was the very first pet we had and my mom fell
in love with it. 
Suddenly one morning we were eating breakfast and Pewey fell and
started foaming. We took him to several Vets and we were told he had a
brain problem. We brought him to Texas to a vet in Cedar Park there we had
to put him down because he was going through lots of pain. My dad could not stand seeing mom and me sad. So he bought a new chihuahua and we named her Pearl because the color of her coat. At our new home dogs were not allowed, so Pearl had to go live at my dad's property in Liberty Hill where she watches the property. 
Pearl was lonely for two mouths. My dad got her a companion, a Lab
guard dog. It's actually the other way around because the small dog beats up the big dog and the small dog is the guard dog. 
What I learned is to be more responsible and be happy that I have a healthy dog and now I know that I need to get used to difficult events in life.

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 death,dog,Marisa DeWolf,puppy
  Cedar Park, TX
Feb 25 2024


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