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Molly, A Girls Best Friend

A story by Sarah Beard



Story Tellers in Middle School My sweet, precious dog was at the vet. My brothers, their friend and I were squirming in front of the T.V. impatiently. When we heard the front door open, we jumped up and…oh I’ll start from the beginning. 
It was July 21, 2016 and I woke up thinking it was a normal day. Then I saw Molly, my dog, lying in her bed with her back legs sticking straight out like a road in the desert. I ran over to her and felt her shaking like a chihuahua. I looked over to see if she had eaten anything but her food bowl was filled to the top with dog food. Mom! Dad! Come quick! I yelled to my parents. They came in and took one look at Molly and her food bowl then told me to go get her some pepperoni, her favorite treat. She licked the pepperoni then turned away. 
When we tried to let her outside she didn’t get up. My dad had to picked her up and carried her outside. He set her down in the backyard so she could do her business but when she tried to squat she fell over and yipped. The sorrow in her voice made my eyes tear up. So she wouldn’t eat but maybe she might drink. We gave her some ice to lick. My eyes teared up again as I saw Molly licking the ice. I thought there was still some hope but I was wrong. After that my parent decided to take Molly to the vet and as I said before we were waiting for my parents to come home. We saw my mom and dad, with tears in their eyes, carrying a big white box!
While my brothers, Jacob and Andy, and their friend, Garrison, went outside and started making a tombstone me, my mom and my dad started digging a hole for my sweet dog. The hole was as deep as a newborn baby is tall. We placed Molly in with a towel wrapped around her. Next we covered her with rocks and dirt. We said a prayer and thanked God for all the good times we had with her over the past 16 years. We placed the final touch on the tombstone. It says MOLLY 7/21/16. 
Molly was the first thing that I REALLY cared about that has ever passed away. That helped me realize that at any moment anyone could die so treat everyday like your last day. In other words live your life as full as you can because you never know if death is just around the corner. This concludes the WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Cedar Park, TX
Jul 21 2016


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