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Story Tellers In Middle School Have you ever made a really close friend who feels like family? I have and his name is Zane. We are the best of friends. I still remember when we became friends. We made friends outside on the playground when we were playing tag. 
Zane is my best friend. He lives in Lakeway. Most of the time we will have a sleepover. Since we live so far away, we normally have a sleepover or a playdate every two or three months. When we do have sleepovers we will play video games, football, have nerf wars, and we will have a huge pizza. We will have pancakes and eggs for breakfast. And we will play with the dogs afterwards. Zane also plays tackle football. He plays for the Lake Travis Cavaliers. Zane’s older brother Chandler also plays football for the High School football team. 
In conclusion, I learned that if I talk to more people I’ll make more friends. If I’m not shy I can also play basketball or football outside on the field or the basketball court. If I can become more social, I can make more friends.

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  Cedar Park, TX
Jun 23 2024


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