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Story Tellers in Middle School Have you ever had a friend you are thankful for? I remember when everybody asked who I liked. Julissa was the only one that knew my crush name. Julissa and me were best friends like nobody could ever be with any other person, we knew each other’s secrets. But one day we got mad at each other and we were so mad that we told everybody each and every single one of our secrets. That next day everybody started asking who do you like? I had a feeling my face was red like a tomato. The first time, I knew that Julissa had gotten extremely mad that she decided to get revenge. I tried to talk to her she had broken my trust and my feelings, but she kept ignoring me. I asked her Why we were best friends but she just said we were never friends. I was so sad and I wanted to give her a second chance but she didn’t want me in her life. That had gotten me so sad so I said to myself I don’t need her, better move on with my life and that was exactly what I did. By the end 5th grade Julissa and I were best friends again when I said I wouldn’t be her friend. But I don’t tell anybody my secrets. I learned that people that you think are trustworthy don’t turn out the way they acted with you in the beginning and, end a whole other person. Looking back, now I realize that you shouldn’t trust anybody that is very close to you and trust somebody that has shown you that is very trustworthy and kind with you.

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 betrayal,disappointment,friendship,Marisa DeWolf,secrets,trust
  Cedar Park, TX
Jun 18 2024


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