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When I lost my Brother

A story by Kenzie W.



It felt like a knife to my heart when I heard where my brother Josh spent the night. He was caged in a frigid, concrete box, filled with ruthless troublemakers and blinding lights. Where the walls cried out for safety. He was in jail. 
HOW! I cried to my Mom He was caught with illegal drugs. my Mom whispered hesitantly. At that moment my world stopped. I was devastated, and I felt like I lost my best friend. My life felt so meaningless without my other half by my side. 
I could hear my heart speeding up. I could see my knees starting to shake. I could feel my disappointment lurking in the air. I felt a malaise trickle down my spine. I was oblivious that he did drugs until he was arrested. This can't be happening I thought to myself, what happened to my hardworking brother? 
Josh started swimming in high school and he quickly became one of the best swimmers on his team. He used to struggle in school, but he would study with my mom every night and soon worked his way up to A’s and B’s. Josh would help me study and do my homework. He was so hardworking and motivated. My brother was the reason I woke up in the morning. He made me feel like no one else did. My whole life Josh was always there for me and supported me when no one else would. We didn't need friends over, all we needed was each other. I remember when me and my brother used to be upstairs for hours playing board games. We would zealously play and we were so competitive. We would play music and sing until the neighbors complained. My Mom would holler at us to wrap it up because it was 10:30 on a school night, but my brother and I would just giggle and start another round. It didn't phase us that we might get grounded. We had each other and that's all that mattered. That was the happiest time of my life. It was my brother and me against the world. He was my inspiration, role model, and hero.
Sadly all of that has changed. Now Josh no longer swims, his new passion is drugs. When he went to college he failed all of his classes, I didn't know that there was a lower grade than an F. Now I see him once a month. 
As a result I learned to enjoy time you have with people because it can all slip away at any second. My brother taught me to never make the mistakes he did because your life can change with one bad decision. I hope he’s able to overcome the stigma of his arrest. I have a lot of angst about what the future holds.

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  Cedar Park, TX
Jun 18 2024


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