Crazy to the Rescue

A story by Jim "Popi" Meadows



Did he see something pink down there? He was way, way back in the mountains. Where would something pink come from? He made his way down the rocky slope and over to the boulder, where the pink something was. As he rounded the boulder he saw the pink something was a blanket, it was spread out and two feet stuck out. She reclined against the large boulder, stretching and yawning. "Are you alright?" he asked. "EEEEKKKK…" she screamed. "What the hell lady, why you hollering?" "You scared me, where did you come from?" Giving her the "dah" look, he answered her, "Up there……" pointing up to the mount slope. "Ask a silly question…." "Are you hurt? What you doing way out here?" "My arm is hurt and I'm walking to find help." "Let me see that arm and you’re walking around, without a gun, in bear and wolf country. Help for what?" As he started checking her injury, she stated that upstream was the wreckage of a plane. The same plane that she and two friends had been passengers on. She was sure the pilot and co-pilot were dead, and some of the other passengers as well. Both of her friends were among the wounded, but alive for now. And how she decided to go for help, since no one else could. He had rigged a sling for her arm and gave her some aspirin, and had started replacing things in his pack when (She's not our problem, let's go, this is our weekend!) He reached into his pack, took out a small prescription bottle, and removed one little red pill. He returned the bottle to the pack and started to take the red pill, (no,…not the pill,…we've been good, haven't we?) Ready to go, they headed back upstream to find the wreckage of the plane. After a while, he decided she needed to rest and stop on the small river's bank. He open the backpack, took out his locator, and sent the following message: have activated GPS tracker
send help to my signal
supposed plane crash It was only three, maybe four, miles to the crash site, it was now about two in the afternoon. It had taken four hours to go four miles, she was not at all well. He checked and found three live souls inside the wreckage. He built a shelter, tended to, and moved the injured upstream about fifty yards. Then started a fire, any closer and it would be a fire hazard. He left uphill, and returned after a while carrying a freshly killed rabbit. Before setting about butchering and cooking, he sent another message: (Don't tell them nothing! They don't need to know where we are! Don't send that message! they will find us!) He took another little red pill. Counting his medicine, he discovered he had brought a month supply. Thirty days to get the girls rescued, he hoped it would not take that long. Crash site confirmed
air ambulance if possible
5 dead, 4 injured, 2 seriously "Are you a real Indian?" "Yes" "Are you going to scalp us?" "Maybe." "Am I going to die?" "Not if I can help it,…does that feel better?" "Yes, thank you." "No problem." It had been two days since the crash, the injured were doing well. He had buried the dead so as not to attract wildlife. He had found herbs and vegetables this morning and another rabbit, so they would eat good that night. He checked and there was a message: ground rescuers on way
air rescue held up by weather
eta 3 days That was yesterday, two more days. Things were going well, all were in good spirits. The little girl had lost her parents in the crash and had a broken leg. The other three were friends and alive and together. No sign of bear, mountain lion, or wolves, yet. air bus inbound now
fire smoke
ground searchers eta 25 min.
thanks for your help He went to the open lea near their camp site, where there was enough room for a helicopter to land. After starting a small hot fire, he began to throw fresh pine branches onto the fire. This caused billowing clouds of smoke. She asked about what he was doing, he replied making big medicine. He hadn't mentioned the GPS unit in his backpack, He liked to add to the mystique of Native Americans, made the tourists happy. Chopper blades, the sound was unmistakable, and close by. It was over, he could get by to their own trek now……

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  Mountain, U.S.A.
Jul 24 2024


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