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Two Subway Stories

A story by Evelyn Marshak



The first Subway story appeared in the media in mid-January. The New York Post ran a page one headline in a story that originally appeared in Australia. In the story it was claimed that Subway’s famous footlong sandwich was actually a mere 11 inches. Of course the chain said that the subway with indeed a footlong. A picture, run with the story show two footlongs bought in Hartford, lined up next to a 12 inch ruler and they were a footlong! Remember the Subway chain in based in Milford, CT. Of its 38,609 Subway franchises, 25,618 are in the United States. When I was teaching eastern hemisphere geography at the middle school, I mentioned that London had an elaborate subway system or maybe it was France we were studying and said Paris’ subway system covered many miles. I asked if any of the class had ever ridden on a subway knowing there is no subway system in our state. One of the boys raised his hand and told me there was a Subway in Derby. I thought for a moment about a Subway in Derby and was informed there was a Subway Sandwich Shop in Derby but the small chain hadn’t reached the Waterbury area.

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  Waterbury, CT
Jun 23 2024


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