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Potato Chip Stampede

A story by Evelyn Marshak



A friend of mine insisted that she had to go to the pharmacy at one of the local supermarkets. She went off to get her medication and I went wandering through the dangerous aisle also known as the potato chip aisle. With the threat of a major amount of snow starting to fall in less than a day, there were two men stocking potato chips. Yes, two men filling the shelves. Forget about the high salt content of a bag of potato chips. When rotten weather forces us to remain indoors and be bored out of our minds despite TV, video games, a brand new Raymour and Flanagan mattress, Facebook, etc, the rules of survival demand potato chips. I honestly saw one woman have five different kinds of chips in her basket. Think barbecue chips, wavy chips, jalapeno chips, etc.

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 aisle,blizzard,hurricane,preparation. OLLI,snow days,storm,supermarket
  Waterbury, CT
Jun 23 2024


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