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The new dog in town

A story by Vansh



Story Tellers in Marisa DeWolf’s Middle School Classroom AHHHH….. Black and brown fur, looks like a wolf straight from heaven, pointed nose, Large beautiful eyes, ears that are standing straight up,, muscles…. EVERYTHING! You might be thinking, what the heck are you talking about. It's a dog, german sheph- MY german shepherd. Oh such a boring day. Let’s go back in time in my time machine……. Wake up. Wake up! WAKE UP!!! UGHHHH, SHUT UP!… Oh no, I can bet you a million dollars that it was my dad that I just said that to! Whatever, at least i'm still alive….. FOR NOW! 7 HOURS LATER Finally my school ended. Oh wait, Yasssss i’m getting a dog today. How the heck could I forget about that? Wait, don’t we need supplies for the dog like bowl, kennel, toys and of course… food. So, me and my dad went to Petsmart and found no kennel that was descent. On the other hand, we were lucky because my parents have a SUPER DUPER RICH friend. So they drove to our house with their (more shiny than my time machine) porsche and offered us a FREE kennel, Guess what my dad said, NO! cause he never likes to take stuff from people. They talked my parents into saying, yes therefore they gave us a free gigantic kennel just like it was candy! They gave us such a big kennel that my brother, my dad, and I could fit in the kennel at the same time! SO we dro- raced ourselves to the breeder to pick our dog. There were six german shepherds and we ended up choosing a half golden and black with a drop of white in the middle. It was so good in every way except of he was so skinny that we were STARTING to see his rib cage. So when we were in the car first we named him spiky then he started screaming so loud that I would rather be deaf than listen to him scream. When we finally arrived to our home he was shivering in the corner that leads straight to the garage, scared. So we opened the garage to see spiky’s deal and guess what his smart mind told him to do….. He PEED there. So he ran his little booty back to the house. So my so so so Magnificently smart mind decided for me to touch him and run round and round and round so my body listened and did exactly that so my dog started chasing me like a bull rampaging to anything red! Just so you know…. We have a kitchen and living room side by side with a flat wall in between with a hole for the counter and stuff. Now we decided to give Spiky a bath but we accidentally did it with cold water from the hose so he was shivering AGAIN. We tried everything to dry him with a towel, hair blower, and more but in about twenty minutes he was 100% fine. So it was time to give him food, it was easy to give him food. In about 30 minutes later he had to cook his chocolate ice cream or in other words… POOp! He kept sniffing and sniffing for a bazillion years to find a place to cook his ice cream. YAASSSS it's finally time to sleep! But my dog won’t let me because he wouldn't stop screaming! Wake up.. Wake up… Wake up………. WHa- no… not making that same mistake again. So when i jump of the bed I see my dad with red eyes and whispered in his most softest tired voice Spiky never lets me sleep. so i said oh, oh, oh. I can tell you this funny hilarious funny story for years and years but that’s enough for today but you must be wondering Why the heck are you telling me this? it’s because I got someone on my side, someone I can care for, someone who teached me how to be responsible…… ENOUGH with the gooey, love talk. So when you get home, ask yourself was I like this?! Now our dog is a really playful, beautiful hyper dog….. BYE

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  Cedar Park, Texas
Jun 15 2024


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