Sometimes a pair of pants can become an agonizing experience.

A story by Sherman London

Thinking about what I might write for Story Chip, I was reminded about a clothing incident that occurred pretty close to 80 years ago. It almost became a mind shattering incident. It was time for graduation from the eighth grade at Driggs School in Waterbury, where I was born. The approved dress for boys was white flannel long pants. I didn’t have any. I was still wearing knickers. This was just about the time the great depression was getting underway. My parents sympathized with my plight but could offer no solution. White flannel long pants were an unnecessary luxury, especially since they would not be worn other than on very special occasions. Would I have to go up to get my diploma wearing knickers? That would be a terrible blow to my pride. What would the other students say? All I could anticipate was doom and gloom. Rescue came from a most unexpected source. Relatives of my father who had moved to Florida some years before came to visit us in Waterbury. They had a very successful business in Florida. When they heard about my plight, they offered to buy me a pair of long white flannels. I was saved! I could walk up on the stage to get my grammar school diploma with my head held high wearing long white flannel pants. I probably haven’t thought of that graduation in 75 or more years. It still reminds me of how a young boy could absolutely dread the thought of attending his grammar school graduation.

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 Depression,dread,Drigg’s School,graduation,hard times,white flannel trousers
  Waterbury, CT
Feb 25 2024


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