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Recently a friend and I had the chance to visit our home town and stop by our elementary school. It still was the grand brick building, built in the early 1930’s, and oozing substantial educational opportunities. No sooner had we entered when I was forced to plunk down on the steps as my mind flooded with long-ago memories: The very tall First Grade teacher I had; the noisy, spick-‘n’-span cafeteria; the oh-so quiet library with diamond-shaped panes in the windows; plus too many more to list now. I especially treasure the times at recess playing soccer or a unique game where we kicked the soccer ball against the gym’s outside wall. Billy Barrett and I were special friends then. The last time I saw him, he was 5’ 9 and maybe 220 pounds! What a change from the wiry, skinny kids I knew. But then I probably looked quite different to him, too. I remember also the bus ride to and from the five-corner intersection below the hill where I lived. It was a fun ride with each of us wearing a special belt when we’d reach the sixth grade, taking a turn as monitor. Every monitor was teased, but no one got into too much trouble or had to visit the Principal’s office. Though I do recall sitting outside her office once, but for the life of me I can’t remember the infraction or what happened afterwards. I know we learned a lot and the school system still has a good reputation. Those were such carefree years and it’s nice to have such memories.

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  Garden City, Long Island, NY
May 19 2024


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