School Days -- Singing

A story by Jeanie Henry

Most people think of studies, teachers, friends, sports, games, etc. when remembering school days and of course I do too, but I also remember singing! I was lucky enough to attend a girl’s boarding school – at least I thought it was lucky – and my Mother took me to see one. – It was summer and there were no students in sight. The furniture was covered and the elderly lady who showed us around was very prim and proper. I asked her if there was any sort of singing – like a glee club or something at this institution and she replied why this is known as the singing school! – the girls here sing more than they talk!! That, of course was a slight exaggeration but it was good enough for me as I loved to sing, and I assured my Mother that this was where I chose to go. In those days we had chapel not only every day, but twice a day, and once on Sunday evening as church attendance was required in the morning. We sang hymns and anthems in chapel, and then we sang school songs and other songs and maybe that elderly lady had a point! And then there was the glee club – the first year I just plain didn’t make it- the second year I was ill when they had tryouts – and by my 3rd. and senior year I told my roommate I would leave school if I didn’t get in. I fortunately didn’t have to follow up on that threat. Later on I was in a wonderful chorus at college and eventually after I was married I joined a church choir in a small congregational church. We had a series of directors and at one point I went from being a soprano to an alto which was a good move. I was never a soloist and didn’t have an unusual voice but I could carry a tune and had plenty of enthusiasm. It’s gone now – as you know, the voice is just a muscle, and like all muscles it gets tired but it sure was fun, and it all began in that signing school 76 years ago.

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Feb 25 2024


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