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Royals Versus Mets 2015

A story by Jean McGavin



Royals Versus Mets 2015 …. watching the world series. First game. I know, it’s crazy. I never watch sports. But I love the World Series. I just do. No, I haven’t watched a game all year. No, I have no idea who any of these players are. No, I don’t really care about either team - Mets and Royals, eh. Living in New York City for so many years I did sort of like it when the Yankees were in the Series but I really wish the Nationals were playing just cause I miss the days of my hometown team, the old Senators. Yeah, I still feel not some small amount of bitterness about them having moved to Texas. A terrible thing. Like if someone killed your puppy. Geez, The fans are really getting riled up. Booing and they’re like, really on edge. You know, the tension is mounting, it’s the 8th inning, score is close it could go either way and the fans are just errrhhhh, so on edge. I know, it just gets to me. I know - you think i’m on drugs, which of course, I am not. And I liked that the Blue Jays were in the play offs. I liked the idea of a Canadian team being in the World Series. I know they have been in before but, still it is a bit of an anomaly. Oh god, it’s the 9th inning. I am stressed. OK, right I know never talk about sports. But baseball, especially the world series, is really great. It is elegant, players rarely bang into each other, it is all about ability and chance and concentration and finesse. Oh, yeah and I loved watching Manuel Rivera. He was so so zen. I never saw anyone as in the zone doing anything as he was when he pitched. And you could depend on him winning the game. It was an enlightening experience just watching him pitch. I mean really, I never saw anyone so focused so connected with his mind body and performance. He was all of a piece. Never seemed to make a motion not connected with intention. He was all intentional, all focus, all concentration, no emotions to distract him from his all, all collected and connected and converged into his third eye that zeroed in on one thing and one thing only and that is striking out the batter. No! A home run and now they’re in extra innings. The tension is killing me.

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 Manuel Rivera,Nationals,Senators,tension,World Series,Yankees
  Bethlehem, CT
Jun 15 2024


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