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In April of 1973, my husband, another couple and I decided to spend Easter week in Grenada, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. We arrived on Saturday. On Sunday, we were having drinks, just having said, goodbye to some guests who were leaving for home, when they returned to the hotel. Why? The planes could not take off – the natives emptied oil drums onto the runways – threats of civil war! The hotel manager called everyone together, said there was a large sailboat, with a motor, that could take us off the island Monday morning, no rooms – just sit where you can on the deck – he would supply food and drink. The boat would take us to Barbados. We were on the boat bright and early Monday morning, got our sitting space, and we took off! After several hours, the motor died and the sails took over! Not able to make it to Barbados, we landed in St. Vincent and spent the night there! The next day, not knowing when we would get off the island, six of us chartered a plane to take us to Barbados. The incident hit the newspapers, including the N.Y. Times. We made it to Barbados. The rest of the week was sunny, warm and relaxing! We loved it! All of our newspaper clippings remind us not to forget that it was real – not just a story! You can read more about Grenada at: http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/2335.htm

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Jan 01 1970


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