When I was growing up, Driver’s Education was not included in the high-school curriculum. My father taught me to drive a car when I was 20½ years old. I had a driver’s license when I was 21, and was able to drive the family car when I really needed it. I looked forward to the day, when I would have my own car. When my husband was courting me, he took me out in a Buick. We had a short courtship and were married soon after, and the Buick came along. My husband soon traded in the Buick sedan for a station wagon, as my three children appeared on the scene. When my youngest offspring started school, I started teaching – as a substitute in neighboring schools. Soon after, my husband agreed to my having my own car to drive to and from school. There was one condition that went along with this decision – I had to be responsible for all maintenance. I chose a 1962 (new) Toyota grey Camry, 4 door sedan. I was thrilled! However, I had no experience in car maintenance. I joined the Triple A for emergency assistance, in case I was stranded on the road. I soon learned about oil changes, tune-ups and the occasional flat tire, and numerous other mechanical car problems. Car washes were important too! It was a glorious feeling to sit behind the wheel and drive my own car!

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 1962,Buick,maintenance,station wagon,Toyota Camry
  Queens, NY
Feb 26 2024


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