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A Family Tradition

A story by Connie Westreich



The importance of bringing the family together is something that we all believe in. However in today’s world, it is hard to achieve. Most families are scattered all over the United States and some even overseas. My family always celebrated birthdays and anniversaries as I was growing up. My brother and I always had a party for our friends and if it was a special birthday, my mother would make a family dinner for cousins and aunts that lived near-by. When I was first married we lived near my parents in the Jamaica Hill area in Queens, N.Y. I especially remember celebrating my 4th Wedding Anniversary with my parents in a restaurant call Patricia Murphy’s in Manhasset, L.I. The baby-sitter arrived and was settling in with my children. My father and mother drove up in my Dad’s new car, (1953 Dodge, to pick up my husband, Gerry, and myself. It was about a 25 minute ride on the Parkway to the restaurant. I was married Dec. 24 1950 and this celebration was on Dec. 20th. The houses and trees that we sped by were lit up with holiday lights and festive decorations. This is always a very memorable time of the year! We had dinner reservations and my father dropped us off and parked the car. Sounds of music – I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas – were coming from the dining-room. The waitress led us to our reserved table and we studied the menu. The room was decorated with Christmas Bells and Santa Claus figures. A small decorated Christmas tree stood in a corner. It was a sight to behold! We ordered our dinners and the waitress brought a basket of rolls with pop-overs – the restaurant’s specialty. We all enjoyed our dinners and the closeness of being with family on a special occasion. It really was a very special day! I looked forward to the next family celebration….

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  Jamaica Hill, Queens, NY
Jun 23 2024


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