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Guide to Expressing Your Holiday Celebration in a Story

Dec 22 2022

Guide to Expressing Your Holiday  Celebration in a Story

The holiday season is a time for celebration. And if you’re planning to write an essay, blog, or talk about your holiday celebration in a Podcast show, there are countless ways to express the joy and excitement of the season through storytelling.  

After all, you’ll have to summarize all the fun, excitement, memories, and special moments in a story. 

Summarizing all the fun, excitement, memories and special moments of your holidays in a story might get a bit overwhelming, but there’s good news - we got you covered. 

This post will serve as a guide to help you share your holiday celebration in a story, making it fun and engaging for your audience. 

Start your story with:  How You Celebrate Your Holidays at Home
As a child, you must’ve loved listening to your parents and grandparents tell stories about their holiday traditions and celebrations. 

They would share tales of big family gatherings, delicious feasts, and special holiday traditions passed down for generations. These stories always made the holiday season feel magical and special and eventually helped you understand and appreciate the importance of such holiday traditions.

So as you write your own holiday celebration story, here are the experiences you’d include in yours : 

• Excitement and joy of spending time with loved ones

• The delicious meals you enjoyed together 

• Excitement about giving and receiving gifts  

• Fun and joy of participating in holiday activities and traditions, such as singing carols, trimming the tree, and baking cookies.

And as you write these stories, you’ll be able to capture the magic and excitement of the holiday season and share it with others.

Next: Use Question Prompts to Craft Your Story 

One of the most effective ways to craft a story is by using question prompts. 

They make it considerably easy to create an outline, making it effortless to express your holiday celebration. 

Let’s look at all of them. 

Who do you celebrate your Holidays with?

Parents, grandparents, friends, or a special someone? - Maybe you went over to your grandparents’ place or a friend invited you and your colleagues over for a Christmas party. 

Be specific when you answer this question in your story. 

What activities do you take part in?

Indoor, outdoor? Stayover, Board games, card games, 20 Questions, writing short stories, watching movies, having conversations by the fireplace? - Refer to everything you do during your holidays. 

How do you celebrate Christmas? In what ways?

Do you follow any specific family ritual, custom, or tradition? Do you usually invite over guests or friends for drinks? Sit and chat by the fireplace?

Engage with your audience when you talk about how exactly you celebrate your holidays. Make them feel like they’re right there with you, feeling the magic and wonder of the season. 

When do you celebrate?

Christmas eve? Or do have any specific date or time for your celebrations - one that’s associated with family customs or traditions?

Where do you celebrate?

Home? At your grandparents’ place? or at a friend’s house? - When talking about the place help the audience understand the aura and ambiance of the place. Put it all out in detail. Maybe inject some thrilling, short real-life stories associated with the place.

Why do you celebrate?

Lastly, tell them about your purpose behind the celebration. What’s the occasion? - Lay it all out and invoke a feeling of warmth and belongingness. 

Websites for Writing Stories

The Internet has made it incredibly effortless and efficient to share our stories globally. 

Websites like Medium and Vocal are great places if you’re just starting. 

Alternatively, History Chip is an amazing, free platform to start sharing your stories and reading the ones written by people from different walks of life.  

Or, if you’re just planning to write something quick or short related to your holiday celebrations, social media platforms are a pretty good option as well. 

Wrapping Up
Lastly, sharing our holiday celebrations allows us to connect and celebrate our traditions and cultural heritage. It can even help to create a sense of community and to strengthen our bonds with friends and family.

It is a reminder of the importance of family, friendship, and the power of storytelling to connect us with others, where the spirits of the season come to life. We are filled with joy and excitement, and we feel the love and warmth of being surrounded by family and friends.

Share with us how you celebrate your holidays.