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Punk Rock Flea Mar . . .

Punk Rock Flea Market8/20/2023Bethlehem, Connecticut is a small town of about 3500 people and a surp . . .

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Southern Night-Cli . . .

Since I was a young kid I have enjoyed the outdoors, particularly rock climbing. By the time I was i . . .

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World War II Draft . . .

World War II Draftee My friend and I had been to the movies and we were coming and they were talking . . .

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History Chip is a place where EVERYONE, ANYWHERE, is invited to share true stories. It’s that simple! All of our stories together are the BIG PICTURE. That’s why I built this site, because EVERYBODY should be part of the story of our world. It’s like a huge library written by all of us. Join me and be part of the story!

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